About Ganjavip

About us

We are an online dispensaries store based in Canada that makes your weed buying online experience stress-free.  We help our clients order weed online from different vendors with ease without their privacy being compromised. We use the best security system to ensure that our online clients are safe.

Excellent customer care

We focus on top- quality products through our support team. We have a fast, reliable, friendly and remarkable customer care that ensures that your needs are 100% taken care of. Feel free to reach our customer service team with any questions concerning our products. We will absolutely get back to you within 24 hours.


Cannabis online dispensaries are a very competitive industry. It is our mission to ensure that our products are reliable for our customers. We ensure that we deliver the best product at an affordable price and the exact product ordered from our store. To ensure this we have partnered with the best vendors and growers available in Canada. It is our pride to offer the best of the best in this industry.

Our products

Our products are 100% tested and inspected to ensure we offer our customer high-end quality product. We have a large collection of different marijuana-derived products such as waxes, oils and shatters and also different medical marijuana strains. We also provide edibles for those clients who like to consume their medicinal marijuana.

Our values

One of our company values to ensure that each and every customer is provided with the best and high-quality marijuana at an affordable rate either for recreation purposes or medicinal purposes.

In order to achieve the above to satisfy our customers, we have created grounds for the best marijuana online store available in Canada. Firstly, we have partnered with the best growers and merchants that provide pesticide-free weed. Secondly, we ensure that the product has thoroughly been tested and inspected. Thirdly, our product is delivered in the most secure way. Lastly, we have a reliable our customer care that technically responds within 24hours.

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