Review of FairCannaCare is the cheapest cannabis growing MOM dispensary. It makes sure to provide high quality cannabis to each Canadian citizen, irrespective of their social status and income for both medical and recreational purposes.

Even though is not a very large store, yet they have a decent variety of Cannabis products ranging from flowers, hash, shatter, keif, phoenix tears, trim and Gummies. The price per gram ranges from $2 to $6 which is almost 60% lower than the current cannabis market in Canada.

The marijuana pricing differs on the basis of FairCannaCare’s own grading standards for $2 per gram for a grade B and $7 per gram for an AAA. The prices for Phoenix Tears are remarkably low at $15, the ratio for THC to CBD is not exactly known but it’s well concentrated. Their recently added Gummies infused with THC are absolutely amazing in terms of pricing and the amounts.

The vapourizer kits including Flyte cartridges with over 70% THC oil cost only $60 each. The oil strains range from Grapefruit Haze, Irish Cream, Green Crack, Mango, Pineapple, Peppermint, Sour Diesel and much more. FairCannaCare’s ever famous hash bricks include BC hash (previously known as Rolex hash), Mercedes hash and Bentley hash that come for $7 and $9 per gram respectively. These are prepared without any solvents and are hand pressed by local connoisseurs around Cannabis Dispensaries Vancouver. Hash helps people dealing with anxiety or extreme pain as well as a pleasing smoke session.

You will be happy to know that there is no minimum order limit, but you get free expedited shipping on orders of $150 and above and free Xpress shipping for orders above $300. Therefore, it is totally free if you choose to spend $150 on their products. The package comes in a sealed envelope, which further contained vacuumed and sealed individual bags. FairCannaCare has a simple and easy to operate website, and with on-screen chat facility they offer excellent customer service during your interactions at the website.

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