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Green Society offers a moderate variety of high-quality Cannabis. The quality of their bud is second to none, but you’ll need to buy a lot of it if you want the best price. It takes a lot of weight to see the real discounts, but once you get there, the price is hard to beat.

Prices become even better on the weekends during Green Society’s weekend flash sales. On Fridays, Green Society picks several products for their weekend flash sale, and the code “FLASH15” will take 15% off those products at the end of your order. Deals like these make Green Society one of the best sites for express ganja in Canada.


Green Society offers a variety of strains at varying prices. Their “top shelf” collection only features marijuana of an AAAA+ quality. These strains start at $33 for 3.5 grams. Yes, you’re limited to buying 3.5 grams or more. Although you can get 3.5 grams or 7 grams for less than $10 per gram, you really start to see savings when you buy 14 grams or more.

They’re certainly not lacking in variety. Green Society offers Indicas, Sativas, and a variety of hybrids to choose from. They even offer the ability to mix and match strains with half-ounce, one-ounce, and two-ounce weights. The two-ounce option offers the most value at only $350. If you want to buy in bulk, Green Society is one of the best places to buy weed in Canada.

Other THC Products

Green Society offers pretty much every concentrate you could possibly want: kief, shatter, hash, budder, and resin to name a few. Their edibles are just as varied. They offer chocolates, baked goods, candies, cooking materials, and even beverages. We’re only covering a few of their products because their selection is absolutely huge.


Offering an acceptable variety of bud and an astounding variety of THC products at reasonable prices, Green Society is a great option if you plan to buy at least 3.5 grams. It’s especially ideal if you intend to buy an ounce or more because that’s where you really start to see savings. With such a wide range of products, Green Society has you covered in almost every circumstance. Unless you’re dead set on buying less than 3.5 grams, Green Society is a great place to buy weed online in Canada

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