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In Canada, weed popularity is at an all-time high. It’s available to buy recreationally nation-wide. Besides the weed, the only thing you need to start toking is gear! Hemper is an online smoke shop that sells a variety of weed products and accessories. For sake of clarity, we should blatantly state that Hemper does not sell weed. They have everything else that you could want as a Cannabis enthusiast, and, more prominently, Hemper is a subscription box service for enthusiasts

The Hemper Box

So what comes in The Hemper Box? You can expect anything and everything. They cover glass pieces, rolling papers, wicks, tips, grinders, and lighters. They even include Hemper stickers and other accessories on a monthly basis. The main appeal is the $100 value that they offer every month for only $29.99 plus shipping.

The Rest of the Store

The Hemper Box is great, but what about the rest of the store? What else does Hemper offer? Again, the answer is pretty much anything and everything. They offer all the accessories that you could need with a ton of options from a variety of brands. They have things you’d expect like glass pieces, lighters, grinders, and other accessories, but they also go so far as to offer several herb and wax vaporizers. No matter what you’re looking for, as long as it isn’t weed, Hemper has you covered.


Hemper is primarily a subscription box service, and from that angle, it’s a great service! Once you look at the contents of the box, the experience does require some suspension of disbelief. The box itself is definitely worth more than $29.99, but saying that it’s worth $100 is a bit of a stretch.


We’re sure that the claim is technically true, but when you look at the contents of the box, it just doesn’t feel like $100 worth of content. That’s a small gripe because, for $29.99, it’s still a great value. As a subscription box service, we can recommend Hemper, and we’re big fans of their online store as well. It has a wide variety of products, and the prices aren’t bad at all.

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