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Herb Approach Review

Herb Approach is a great option for anyone that wants to buy weed online in Canada. They offer herb of a high quality in a large variety of strains. While a few strains can only be obtained in heavier weights, most of Herb Approach’s strains start at around $24 for 2 grams. The deals at Herb Approach are great, but they become more and more appealing once you start buying in larger amounts. They also offer a plethora of other THC products and accessories.


Herb Approach’s Cannabis selection is quite impressive, and their prices are extremely fair. They’re not the lowest prices we’ve seen, and their 2-gram minimum isn’t the lowest weight requirement, but both are extremely close. In any case, the prices aren’t bad, and the minimum weight is still quite low.

At Herb Approach you’ll find a vast selection of Indicas, Sativas, hybrids, and even moon rocks. They even have a build your own ounce option that’s currently $180. It allows you to mix and match an ounce with various strains. It’s a convenient and creative option that we really like, and $180 isn’t a bad price for an ounce of any strain. Plus, you get free shipping on all orders of $70. Because of deals like these, this is simply one of the best places to buy Marijuana online in Canada.

Other THC Products

Herb Approach boasts a massive selection of bud, and their other THC products are the same story. They have every concentrate you could want: shatter, hash, wax, e-liquids, oils, distillates, and more. The same could be said for their edible selection. They offer baked goods, candies, capsules, beverages, etc. You’ll even find several topical products.

For vape fans, Herb Approach offers a variety of vape pens and pre-loaded cartridges. Lovers of both CBD and THC will leave satisfied due to Herb Approach’s second-to-none variety. The only place they fall short is the accessory department. They offer rolling papers but not much else. Water pipes, grinders, and other herb accessories would’ve really made Herb Approach the total package.


Herb Approach is a great one-stop shop unless you’re in need of smoking accessories. If you’re already geared up, for you, this will be one of the best online dispensaries in Canada. If you lack bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories, Herb Approach still has you covered with a high-quality selection of pre-loaded vape pens to choose from. Their large selection and fair prices make them one of our favourite online options.

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